Intercultural participatory art projects are easily endangered by socio-political recuperation and ethical ambiguity. During this seminar, we will determine what the ethical and political challenges are and how they could be dealt with. How can we resist the pacifying integration of our projects in the (neoliberal) political and economic agendas of cultural institutions and local authorities? How can we realise empowerment and locality, without being caught up in trivial ‘representation’ of criticality? And how should we work with people, taking authorship, unequal power relations and epistemic positions into account?

The guests are Einat Tuchman (Israeli artist, lives in Brussels, social and participatory artistic projects in Brussels), Marcos Moraes (Brasilian dancer & performer, creator of the “performing kitchen”), Anja Veirman (art historian, KASK, LUCA, KULeuven, involved in textile art & research projects in Mali (ao), Ramon Pino (doctoral student in intercultural and participatory art projects, food-related), François Levrau (researcher UA, multiculturality); Robrecht Vanderbeeken (philosopher, art&politics), and Pascal Gielen (UA, sociology of art) and Petra Van Brabandt (Philosopher, St Lucas Antwerp, Art&Context).

Day Schedule
10:00 Introduction Petra Van Brabandt & Ramon Pino
10:20 Annelys de Vet
11:00 Fançois Levrau
11:20 Coffee&SweetSavory
11:30 Einat Tuchman
12:10 Robrecht Vanderbeeken
12:30 Anja Veirman
13:30 Late Lunch (Ramon Pino & Marcos Moraes)
15:30 Pascal Gielen
16:00 Petra Van Brabandt – tentative conclusion

Location: “’t Werkhuys”, Zegelstraat 13, 2140 Borgerhout

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