CCQO Exhibition – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts) develops and supervises research in, about and with the arts. For LODGERS (AIR and M HKA), the institute unfolds activities and presentations that demonstrate both the specificity of research and its wide range. Between March 31 and June 24, performances, lectures, discussions and public lectures are held in an artistic context that highlights the rather ‘speculative scholarly’ activities of artists. Fiction and imagination are crucial research tools to understand reality. Research in the arts shows that reality can not only be examined, but is also made using research. Art, fiction and imagination are at any rate indispensable to look at reality. Without fiction, there is no non-fiction, without art no reality.

All LODGERS are based in the ‘Eurocore’, the combined Benelux and Rhineland region. Free access to visit our LODGERS. Drop by!

The LODGERS programme is curated by Nav Haq, Senior Curator in the M HKA and Alan Quireyns, artistic director at AIR Antwerpen.

31.03 – 21.04      Royal Conservatory Antwerp

23.04 – 28.04      Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

30.04 – 20.05      Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

21.05 –  9.06       Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

10.06 – 24.06      C.C.Q.O.


Tone Brulin (1926) is a unique figure in Flemish theatre. Carefully selected archival documents sketch a picture of his striking career, which stretches out over 70 years and four continents. An exhibition by T-books, Royal Conservatory Antwerp | AP University College and Het firmament, in collaboration with AMVK, Letterenhuis, Kunstenpunt and Het TheaterFestival. Many thanks to Kaaitheater.

The Space Between is a transmedia installation/performance about how meaning is created in the interspace. Between three media. Between people. Based on personal anecdotes, family stories and memories, a story about an amateur photographer and a girl develops, taking place during WWII on a lake in a small town in Poland. A transmedia installation/performance by Katharina Smets, Inne Eysermans and Ingrid Leonard, in collaboration with Royal Conservatory Antwerp | AP University College, framed in Katharina Smets’s research project ‘The Auditive Imagination. Research into the Audio Story as an Art Form on the Border of Media, Drama and Literature’. Katharina Smets is a doctoral student in Artistic Research.


Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp brings together contributions from a number of researchers, research groups, as well as the Master of Research in Art and Design. Students, alumni and external artists are involved as well. Leitmotif is the experimentation with retranslations to other carriers and mediums, as well as the questioning of presenting, representing and visualising research(-related) projects. The artistic approach is suggestive, groping, process-inclined, hypothetical, shifting, dialogical. In a unique way, the exhibition space is hereby activated into ‘conversation space’.


The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp offers a stimulating, international biotope within which this artistic research can optimally develop. With currently approximately 50 research projects conducted (of which about 10 doctoral degrees), a critical and innovative framework is guaranteed. For LODGERS, artist, teacher and researcher Nico Dockx selected three current Artistic Research PhD Projects at the Royal Academy. Geert Goiris, Mashid Mohadjerin and Vijai Patchineelam offer a fascinating insight into (part of) their research processes. Each artist conducts research into a different reality, which, during that process, gives rise to an alternative reality. In all three doctoral projects, the relationship between reality and perception on the one hand, and fiction and imagination on the other, plays an important role. With this presentation and programme, specifically devised for LODGERS, you can check for yourself whether art can offer a different perspective on your reality.


Wellness Center Future Proof – How to see the multi headed dragon at the palace of mirrors?

Wellness Center Future Proof is a research project that runs parallel to – and infiltrates into – the academic research of C.C.Q.O. (Cultural Commons Quest Office) at the University of Antwerp. It is an inherently artistic project, located both in reality and in fiction. This creates the possibility to function in an artistic and a non-artistic environment. Wellness Center Future Proof strives to add extra dimensions to the concept of ‘common sustainability’ in our Anthropocene. The reciprocity between artistic and academic research forms the continuation of the so-called ‘Garland Strategy’, with which the Wellness Center will be explored as a ‘common ground’ during LODGERS. Wellness Center Future Proof is a collaboration with Arne Herman, Giuliana Ciancio, Hanka Otte, Juan Canela Claver, Karina Beumer, Katinka de Jonge, Lara Garcia Diaz, Liesje De Laet, Louis Volont, Pascal Gielen, Thijs Lijster, and  Walter van Andel.