From Vertical to Horizontal – CCQO at MMCA Seoul, May 30

MMCA Research Symposium, “From Vertical to Horizontal: The Changed Conditions of Art Production”

“From Vertical to Horizontal: The Changed Conditions of Art Production” is organized to examine how social change in our times acts as an agent of transformation in the conditions of art production. Accelerated by developed networks and an increase in mobility, globalization is making the world more horizontal across national borders. In the art world, globalization has contributed to making the traditionally authoritative and vertical hierarchies of art institutions like museum, academy and residency to become more horizontal. Meanwhile, Neoliberalism, which proliferated alongside globalization, is also responsible for the application of market competition principles in the art field. And such change has giving rise to the emergence of a New Institutionalism that made art institutions more interested in their social role and the public interest of art. This symposium seeks to understand how contemporary social change affects both the art institution and the artistic practice.

▣ Outline
• Title: From Vertical to Horizontal: The Changed Conditions of Art Production
• Dates: 30 May (Wed.) 2018
• Venue: MMCA Seoul, Multi Project Hall (B1)

▣ Programs (tentative)

Session 1: From Canonizing Art Institutions to Commoning Art Institutions
Pascal Gielen
“From Canonizing Art Institutions to Commoning Art Institutions”

Session 2: Art Institutions in Transition
Lex ter Braak
“Raising the Venetian Blinds”
Els van Odijk
“Embracing ambiguity, aiming for excellence”
Lee Young June
“The (un)significant significance of being Minor in Art”

Session 3: Horizontality in Art Practice
Park Hyesoo
Ksenia Galiaeva
Simone Trum

▣ Advance Reservations
• Participants: Adults over the age of 20 including culture and art professionals, students, and general public
• Entry fee: Free (Participants will be admitted after confirming their names on the reservation list at the 1st floor lobby)
• How to make reservations:
– Online Registration: From 16 May ~ ▶ Click
– If you are a group, please send applications separately.
– Participants will be admitted after checking with the reservation list on the first floor lobby 1 hour before the event.