Conflict Matters Conference – December, 18

The debate on decolonization and democratization of arts is heating the arts and cultural sector. Based on the idea of ​​’Conflict Matters’, in this seminar we embrace and organize the discussion, the debate and the disagreement as a lever to strengthen the transition process of the sector. Conflict does matter, gives impulses to practice and ensures continuous renewal.


For whom?

Professionals in culture, students, artists, the local cultural policy, museum staff, other interested people …



For the morning program we invited different speakers to discuss the importance of conflict and how we can respond to this by learning from practical examples. We approach the subject both from theory and practice with a few concrete examples.




9u30: welcoming reception


10u: introduction by the organizers: Marjolein Delvou/ Eline Van Hoye/Bart Rogé/Greet Vissers


10u15-11u: Pascal Gielen: The Art of Dissensus Culture and Politics beyond Multiculturalism


11u – 11u45: Bernadette Lynch: title follows


Q&A and Break


12u – 12u30: Rachael Minott: Unlearning colonial violence enacted in museum practice


12u30 – 13u00: Europa partners: practical examples


13u00 – 14u00: lunch break


14h-16h: for the afternoon we asked a number of authors and performers to make a plea from a certain perspective for or against a statement.

We selected the themes on the basis of what appeared in recent months and was discussed in various debates and journals.


The statements will be about the following topics:


  1. The importance of artistic freedom VS the limits of artistic freedom
    Younes Van den Brouck VS ?


  1. Retention of heritage VS reset of heritage

          Gerarde Salinas VS Carmien Michels


  1. To radically reverse structures. VS opt for gradual change

           Mohamed Barrie VS Aïscha Cissé


A panel of experts will translate their arguments into a strategic action plan for the future.

With: Rachida Lamrabet, Michael De Cock, Evelyne Coussens, Joachim Ben Yakoub


16h: we will end the day with a final speech and a network drink.





Lange Sint-Annastraat 7

2000 Antwerpen


Register via this link!


Cost: 40 euro pp, sandwich lunch included

The language for the morning program is English. The dutch speekers in the afternoon will be translated by student interpreters.


IHKV Beyond Theater – Creative platform for professional skills

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union


Co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union

Georganiseerd door Fameus en kunstZ,

ism Demos,

Evens Foundation,

Kif Kif en ARIA