Conference Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities

Thursday, 4 April 2019

La Tricoterie, Brussels, Belgium

This conference is not a regular one. It’s the launching event of a 2-year experimental project involving cultural and creative spaces and policymakers. Brought together by a consortium of ten forward-looking organisations, dozens of stakeholders across Europe will explore how participatory governance and commoning practices can devise a more sustainable future for Europe.

Participatory governance is a people-centred approach to deepen citizen engagement in governmental decision-making. Participatory processes facilitate communication and relations between public institutions and civil society, resulting in a better quality of democracy. Participatory governance is one of the top priorities in the EU’s cultural agenda for the upcoming years.

Commoning processes attempt to activate the power of social cooperation to make things happen. In this project, we think of commoning as a variety of collective actions enabling interaction between actors in the cultural sector. Their joint efforts intent to shape new institutional arrangements safeguarding the sustainability of creative work.

At this full-day conference, you will have the occasion to learn how both civil society and the European Commission are addressing these topics. You will also contribute your knowledge and experience to the development of the Urban Labs we are organising in seven European cities this year.
JUnderstand better how culture contributes to sustainable social and economic development.Be inspired by real examples of how culture improves people’s lives.Contribute to the debate about how public administration and the cultural and creative sectors can increase their cooperation.Learn about the new EU Work Plan for Culture and how it addresses the increasing shift to digital technologies, globalisation and growing societal diversity.Discover and get involved in the project Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities.Meet like-minded professionals that are making an impact in Europe.
CRegion of Skåne
Ola Jacobson –

Trans Europe Halles | Event Coordinator
Asma Mansour –

Trans Europe Halles | Marketing Communications
Jose Rodriguez –
OrganisersRegion of Skåne, Sweden, and Trans Europe Halles
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