Bart Caron – The foundations, characteristics and conditions of a progressive cultural policy

Bart Caron researches the foundations, characteristics and conditions of a progressive cultural policy. The pursuit of a cultural policy – arts, heritage, social-cultural work, participation … – cuts just as much through the ideological and political fault lines as social economic policy. Although there are very different policy choices within the political spectrum (an absent or very limited versus generous support for artists and art organizations; different emphasis on art participation; a small versus important role for market forces, etc.), the difference between a conservative and progressive cultural policy is rarely or never explicitly stated.

Bart Caron was a Flemish parliament representative and chairman of the Committee for Culture, Youth, Sport and Media in the Flemish Parliament. Before that, he was head of cabinet for Culture, Youth and Sport with two ministers of the Flemish government. Previous to that, he worked as a culture officer for the City of Kortrijk, as a staff member for Culture at the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities and was coordinator of Bruges 2002 (European Capital of Culture). He is also a double bass player with various ensembles.
He is the author of the books “Niet de kers op de taart. Waarom kunst- en cultuurbeleid geen luxe is,” and “Vanop de Frontlijn, Reflecties bij het cultuurbeleid” together with Guy Redig.