1, 2 & 3 June 2022
Lange Sint-Annastraat 7, 2000

A Conference on Commoning Cultural Activism, Aesthetics, Organization and Policy.

The future of culture is common, or there will be no culture at all.

What would happen if we start considering culture as a common, and what would it entail to treat culture, and cultural production, in this light? In which ways do commons shape culture and vice-versa? What kinds of conditions would need to be in place for culture to thrive as a common?

These are only few of the many questions that will be investigated during this three-day meeting. Structured in four thematic clusters – ACTIVISM, POLICY, COMMONS ORGANIZATION and AESTHETICS – lectures, debates, workshops and artistic presentations will aim to deepen the knowledge around commons with the help of scholars, policymakers, activists, artists, cultural professionals, students as well as interested in cultural commons.

With guest speakers

  • Pascal Gielen
  • Oli Mould
  • Friederike Landau-Donnelly
  • Manuela Zechner
  • Stavros Stavrides
  • Iolanda Bianchi
  • Stefan Kaegi
  • Larre Collective
  • Dancing Museums
  • De Grond der Dingen
  • Verena Lenna
  • Annelys Devet
  • Bas van Heur
  • The Post Cinema Collective
  • Gerlinde Van Puymbroeck
  • Giuliana Ciancio
  • Karina Beumer
  • Lara Garcia Diaz
  • Louis Volont
  • Maria Francesca De Tullio
  • Rebekka de Wit
  • Roberto Sciarelli
  • Thijs Lijster
  • Arne Herman
  • Walter van Andel