Announcement ‘Hide to Show’

We are excited to announce the release of “Hide to Show – Memefying Live Music, Algorythmizing Social Relationships” by Pascal Gielen and Thomas R. Moore! In this book, the authors use Michael Beil’s scenic composition as a lens to analyze our contemporary society and social media behavior. They delve into the effects of digitalization and online culture on our perception of the world and ourselves, and explore the impact of technological perfections and corrections on live performance.

Through an essay and an interview with Beil himself, Gielen and Moore strive to understand our contemporary hyperreal condition and demonstrate the intrinsic role of music and aesthetics in understanding our human condition. As they argue, beauty is a science, and like science, all our senses are keys to knowledge of the world.

Does not all social media, all our lust for communication and connection, hide our growing loneliness? Join us as we explore these questions and more in “Hide to Show”!

ISBN: 978-94-6475-549-7

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