Sensing Earth – symposium and book presentation – 17 OCT 2023

17 OCT 2023


Science and technology alone will not save the Earth. Eco-capitalists would like us to believe otherwise. Thanks to technological innovations, we can continue our familiar way of travelling and consuming. However, this blind faith in science and technology overlooks the fact that the climate crisis is a human issue. The nature crisis is, in fact, a cultural crisis.

In other words, how can we reconnect with the Earth and how can art and aesthetics assist us? 

The Sensing Earth Symposium invites you to an immersive afternoon of exploration and dialogue, bringing together a diverse range of challengers, activists, academics, and artists who are actively engaged in the intersections of sustainability and culture. This symposium aims to create a platform for the exchange of insights, dissonant voices, and perspectives on ecological struggles. By fostering collaborative discussions, we seek to uncover innovative solutions and navigate the frictions that arise in our quest for a sustainable future.

The symposium will focus on two themes:

Food, Ecology, and Distribution
In this session, farmers, artists, and academics come together to delve deeper into the intersection of food, ecology, and distribution in the face of the current ecological crisis. Going beyond existing discussions on nutrition and sustainability, this debate aims to explore practical and theoretical approaches to saving the world through our dietary choices.

Cultural Mobility and Ecological Impact
The COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to virtual platforms for cultural debates and conferences, raising an important question: How essential is travel for experiencing cultural diversity and nurturing both cultural and environmental prosperity? This session explores the role of mobility and travel in cultural diffusion, delving into the connections between sensual exploration, cultural understanding, and the well-being of the earth.

During the event, the book “Sensing Earth – Cultural Quests Across a Heated Globe” (edited by Philipp Dietachmair, Pascal Gielen & Georgia Nicolau) will be presented.



Location: De Studio, Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp

Date and time: October 17, 2023, 2:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Language: English


Students €5 | Standard €10 – entrance + book

An event co-organised by ARIA, European Cultural Foundation and Valiz