CCQO visits Amsterdam on March 19 & 20

On 19 and 20 March, we will visit some organizations of our interest in Amsterdam. We will start on Monday 19 March with a meeting with Sustainist Design Lab The Beach, located in New-West Amsterdam. The Beach, together with other persons and organizations, creates projects that make communities stronger. Values as sustainability, human scale and sharing are their compass. Designing new forms of relationships – creating new social structures – and doing research in underlying processes is the core of what they do. Under the title ‘sustainable cultural practices for an inclusive Amsterdam?’, we would like to discuss with The Beach and other invited persons and organizations who are concerned with the topic, how Amsterdam shapes its creative biotope. Or rather, how Amsterdam could shape a creative biotope in order to make the city more inclusive. The idea of the commons and commoning will be the central focus point. The goal of this day is to explore which problems and challenges the cultural sector in Amsterdam is facing today, what the consequences are for the city and how the commons could contribute in both theory and practice to a solution of these challenges and problems. For more information on The Beach see For more information about the program, please contact Hanka Otte at

On Tuesday 20 March we will meet with the European Cultural Foundation to learn from their experiences with commoning practices Europe wide and their vision on impact, localism, bottom-up initiatives, democratic selection processes and the like. After this meeting we will visit Splendor, a music ensemble that found an alternative way of supporting itself. Splendor calls itself a club for every kind of music and is conceived and founded by 50 top-flight musicians and their public. We are very interested in the way they are organized, how they can support themselves in a sustainable way and foremost, to what extent Splendor can be seen as a balanced artistic biotope.

For more information on ECF, see For more information about Splendor: