A More-than-Human Economy. Anxiety, precariousness and affective struggle.

‘Precarious Pavilions #1 – Don’t Eat The Microphone’ is is an artistic project initiated by Veridiana Zurita and Petra Van Dyck and happening in the garden of the Psychiatric Hospital Dr. Guislain (Ghent/BE). The ‘Precarious Pavilions #1’ propose some kind of anti-pavilion, an agonistic space, a place for cooking together, for twisting language, fictionalizing discourses and for suspending anesthetized social roles. CCQO officer Lara Garcia Diaz has been invited to participate on Monday 17th June 2018. With the title A More-than-human economy. Anxiety, precariousness and affective struggle, Lara invites everyone around to use the Ritual form to try to give answers to questions such as: How do we struggle against precarious living conditions without destroying ourselves, our communities or other forms of life and knowledge? How do we keep each other going? What if we were to see economic activities -those that apparently keeps us going- as thoroughly social and ecological? What if we collectively question forms of hospitality –accommodation, asylum, reception, etc.– to envision more equitable lively-hood making? What if we reconfigure our notions of economy and ecology in ways that help us construct affective structures beyond systemic anxiety?