The Relationships beyond Images

Milan – December 11, 2019

Can a public art start or develop as an educational process? Should we understand workshops as participatory strategies or as tools towards ethical and aesthetic objectives? Should participation always be an essential objective of art projects set in public spaces?

The aim of this conference day is to analyze the relationship between art practices set in the public sphere and experimental pedagogy, through a comparison between art education taking place within educational institutions, and forms of non-formal education that initiate collaborative and participatory projects or are developed in artist- and curator-run spaces, aimed at creating shared experiences and raising methodological and social questions that affect other models of community.

Speakers: Mary Jane Jacob, Pascal Gielen, Anton Vidokle, Emauela De Cecco, Casere Pietroiusti and Marco Scotini.

ARTLINE MILANO Piazza Tre Torri 20145 Milano