Annelies de Vet – Disarming Design from Palestine

The PhD research project “Disarming Design from Palestine” questions how design can be a vehicle for empowerment and solidarity in oppressed realities. How can one through the practice of design develop sustainable positions in fractured societies? Building upon relations of trust and long-term involvements in Palestine, Annelys de Vet will analyze, define and design the conditions for design to have a social, political and emancipatory impact. A concrete goal is to develop, in close collaboration with local partners, new forms and platforms for design education, collaboration and exchange in Palestine, reinforcing the economic, political and artistic sustainability of designers.

Author: Walter Van Andel

Walter van Andel is a PhD researcher on entrepreneurship and creativity at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. His research focusses on business models, innovation, and entrepreneurial growth at small and medium-sized creative enterprises. In 2012 he authored the book “Creative Jumpers” in which business models for fast-growing companies in creative industries are examined. Before joining the University of Antwerp, Walter worked as a researcher for Antwerp Management School, Belgium and Western Illinois University, United States.