Book: ‘The Aesthetics of Ambiguity. Understanding and Addressing Monoculture’

CCQO launched the new book ‘The Aesthetics of Ambiguity’ (Eds. Pascal Gielen & Nav Haq) – Antennae – Arts in Society series, Valiz.

It is a peculiar paradox that multiculturalism is determined by the conditions of monoculturalism. Multiculturalism and pluralism presuppose a shared culture with shared values and convictions about openness, democracy and equality. In that sense, multiculturalism assumes a monoculture of views and attitudes. As they are very often rigid structures, neither monocultures nor multiculturalism seem to be able to deal with ambiguity.

Learning to live with ambiguities, differences and uncertainties can be the outcome of a cultivation process. For this cultivation of deviations and unexpected vistas, art has played a pivotal role. ‘The Aesthetics of Ambiguity’ gives floor to artists, thinkers, and institutional practices who dare to play with the rules of a broader society and thus generate ambiguity ‘at large’.

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