Karina Beumer – Projects

I’m working on finishing my movie (…). This absurd non-linear and playful video diary tells the story of (and by) Ron, who has been living for 5 years with a Aquired Brain Injury (ABI), causing him to get lost and to forget. Ron has documented his whole life in diaries and he is now writing a book about living with ABI. The moment his daughter Karina finds out that Ron forgot about her, she decides to turn his book into a film. (…) hovers between reality and a manipulation of it. We end up in an adventure about manipulating memories, visualising thoughts, wanting to fill in black holes, obsessively documenting life and about looking for a language in which we meet each other without remembering.

After (…) I will work on a graphic novel about the subjective reporter versus the servient artistic practice. I want to dive into the world of autofiction and see how story structures and dramaturgy are developed in different ways. I will talk to people who have implemented this in their work. What is their relationship between autonomous and illustrative work? Can you be of service as an artist? Are you subordinate to the structure, the system of the institute anyway? Or can the roles be reversed? And how?