Subjective Atlas of Kaunas

Book Cover: Subjective Atlas of Kaunas
Editions:Paperback: € 24.50
ISBN: 9789464448009
Size: 16.50 x 22.00 cm
Pages: 192

Kaunas’ status as a temporary capital of Lithuania (1919-1940) gave rise to a massive boom in construction. The city’s Modernism is more than an architectural style of the past: it is also a way of living, a synonym for cultural production and a spirit of novelty. Invited by the Modernism for the Future program (part of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022), a group of almost 40 creative residents mapped Kaunas’ contemporary identity through their personal interests, experiences and domesticity.

This Subjective Atlas of Kaunas showcases a surprising collection of urban, natural and everyday spaces and artefacts. Together they invite us to reflect on how this material and immaterial Modernist heritage is perceived, appreciated, disliked, lived with, lived at, observed, ignored and associated with. Could the city’s bright past become an inspiration for a more inclusive future?

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Annelys Devet
EDITOR: Hugo Herrera Tobón
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Hugo Herrera Tobón, Annelys Devet