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ARIA’s month for Research in the Arts

The Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA) starts the academic year 2022-2023 with a month full of lectures, debates, performances, exhibitions, workshops and open classes on research in the arts. This research on the intersection of science and fiction highlights the importance of imagination, intuition, aesthetics and design for science and society. Research in the arts lays the foundation for a ‘sensitive science’ that seeks solutions for current ecological, technological, cultural and social problems through critical pedagogy, ecopoetics, radical hospitality, cooking and digital sound sculptures. Art is much more than entertainment and culture is much more than a leisure activity. Artists make substantial contributions to our ecosystem and our ways of living together. In the month leading up to research in the arts, ARIA puts the potential of research in the arts in the spotlight for both specialists and the general public.

Sint Lucas Antwerp Research Week

10 – 15 October 2022

The SLARG researchers are delighted to provide you with an insider view on the plurality of their research methods and tools through workshops, presentations, seminars, performances, guided tours, and much more. 
The focus of the research week is on our two-day program ‘Rights of Nature’ (14-15 October).

11 October – Critical pedagogy and design education

Symposium on critical pedagogy and design education by Annelys de Vet (PhD) & Nuno Coelho
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​12 October – Reclaiming Romanticism – Insubordination, Upcycling and Ecopoetics in Fashion

Seminar and Workshop by Pierre-Antoine Vettorello (PhD)
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13 October – Sharing Research

Research presentations in context of research exhibition by Loraine Furter (PhD), Wesley Meuris, Mona Hedayati (PhD), Tom De Smet & Tom Van Iersel
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13 October – Launch TYPP + Opening SLARG research exhibition

Event with performances/contributions (TYPP) by Zeynep Kubat 
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13, 14 & 15 October – SLARG Research Exhibition

Research exhibition inhabited by the researchers (performances, studio, conversations, guided tours…): Danial Shah, Saskia Van der Gucht & Irma Földényi, Simona Da Pozzo, Loraine Furter, Marnie Slater, Wesley Meuris, Robin Vanbesien, Mona Hedayati, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello….
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14 & 15 October – Rights of Nature: The river

Seminar, Workshop, Screening, Talk, Talk&Walk (Maria Lucia Correia), Workshop (Simona Da Pozzo) by Tom Viaene (TRIGGER, FOMU), Joachim Naudts (Extra City), Petra Van Brabandt (Sint Lucas Antwerpen), Klimaatfestival/Het Bos, Heidi Ballet (Curatorial Studies KASK Gent)
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14- 15 October – AdMa @ Masereel @ Morpho

Sharing outcome of Masereel Residence by Advanced Master 2021-22
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Articulate Research Weeks

16 – 28 October 2022

During the annual research festival ARTICULATE, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp open up their artistic research to students and an external audience. 

16 – 21 October 2022 – Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Thanks to a collaboration with BOEM (Belgian Encounter of Electroacoustic Music), this year’s programme at the Conservatoire includes concerts, performances, lectures and an ‘algorave’ in which electroacoustic music, sound art and movement come together. Additionally, the artist-researchers activate the students during workshops and artistic presentations.

16 October – BOEM – Pioneer Concert

Work created in Belgium in the early years of electronic music is brought out of the archives and presented and spatialised in a way that has never been done before.

17 October – BOEM – Double Concert

Music by 14 composers, who will also be present, will be played. With contributions by Bouchaud Gildas, Darge Moniek, De Laet Joris, Druez Philippe, Dunkelman Stephan, Eldem Umut, Eysermans Ann, Jonckheere Jean-Pierre, Laforce Stéphanie, Lauwers Kristof, Outters Victor, Poliart Jean-Louis, Thibault Madeline and Veulemans Dirk, among others.

18 October – Artistic showcases

  • Research in Expanded and Algorithmic Choreography Installation – live demo for participants and keynote talk by Klaas Devos
  • Performance live electronics + dance by Anton Lambert
  • Performance solo hybrid electric guitar by Alexander Baboian
  • In-Tensions – Performance piano/computer by Umut Eldem and Giusy Caruso
  • BOTBOP: Integers & Strings – Performance A.I./live coding/string quartet/visuals by Andrew Claes, Dagobert Sondervan, Kasper Jordaens, Pieter Jansen, Herlinde Verjans, Jasmien Van Hauthem and Romek Maniewski-Kelner

19 October – Aurora Electronica

Composite programme by HERMESensemble and ChampdAction

19 October – Algorave

Event where people dance to music generated from algorithms, using live coding techniques by Andrew Claes and Dago Sondervan

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24 – 28 October 2022 – Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

At the Academy, the master students follow during an intensive week one of the six experimental, reflective, and thematic research classes supervised by researchers. In addition to a festive evening on the potentialities of visual material for sound performances, there will also be organized a next session in the inspiring debate series on the future of art academies.

24 October – Expanding Academy and “practice based learning” in the Arts – part 2: Art schools initiated by artists

Public debate evening together with TRAMPOLINE HOUSE and THE LIVINGROOM

27 October – Making Art + Research Public

Round table and networking event organised by ARIA and FORUM+

27 October – Intuition, Feedback and Resonance as keys for experimental musical performances

Performance evening with:

  • ‘Discrete Channel with Noise’, by Clare Strand and students
  • John Cage’s ‘Aria’, by Frank Agsteribbe, students and MAXlab
  • The John Hales Society’, by Eric Thielemans and Mauro Pawlowski

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