Joost Willems – OXOt vzw

OXOt vzw is an artists’ collective that runs on volunteers with a specific focus on socially integrating vulnerable people. Established in 2006, it runs spaces in Westerlo, Ghent, and Antwerp, pioneering the socialization of care, recovery, and peer support in Belgium. Through art, people connect, enter into dialogue more quickly, lower integration thresholds, and stimulate empowerment. We focus on equality rather than vulnerability. OXOt assumes that we all have a vulnerable side but also envisions the possibility of supporting each other. Besides the studio operation, facilitating exhibitions and performative stages, OXOt looks for other ways to prevent stigma and tries to roll out an inclusive project across national borders as well. Through an E+ grant, OXOt shares good practices with partners from Greece, Spain and Austria. These practices are shared on a website. It needs further exploration on how this website can promote an inclusive narrative through art.